Automobile Washing

As all of us know that Automobile Wash is a process used to clean the exterior and, in some cases, the interior of any vehicles. Car washes can be self-serve, fully automated, or full-service with attendants who wash the vehicle. But liv India believes that Car and Bikes is not only a vehicle they are the souls in a metal. As a Human being they all need a special every day care.

Yes you can do that care at your own but when it’s come for a special care we need a experts for that and as we all know in India when is come the Vehicle washing everyone got a professionals with improper knowledge of car washing, which results in scratch to are hear piece.

We as Liv Indian’s understands you love for your vehicle, thus we with our team of professionals Pan India who know the actual art and science behind the Automobile care in an Eco friendly way. As we also understands our responsibilities thus we never use or recommend any one to use car washing products those are harmful to nature that’s makes us different from Vehicle washing shops and brands in India.

We also values time and comfort. Thus we made the booking process, time and place extremely easy; with us you can take appointments on phone, whatsapp, online etc. But the game changer is that we can wash your vehicle at your place at your comfort. So no more worries only clean automobile.

Explore some of the Our Car Washing Process:

  • Consumes Less Water Guarantee.
  • Vehicle Wash Using Steam. We call it Car Spa.
  • Doorstep and Studio Service Pan India.
  • 100% Underbody Car washes without lifting it.
  • Quick Car Wash in 20 min.
  • Eco Friendly Vehicle Washing Products
  • 80+ Stores and Service Providers Pan India
  • 100% Happy Customers

So Why Worries, Only Clean Pretty Cars - Book Your Appointment Today.