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1st we have to understand what franchise business is

In Simple words:  An authorization granted to an individual or group to trade in a particular area for a stated period, usually in return for royalties, a share of the profits, etc.

Why Franchise with us

Change is the law. Early man invented “wheel”, Then Cart was converted into cycle and then car came into existence. Man moved to luxury and opulence!!

In last fifteen years, the no. of cars has increased many fold. In today’s context, most cars are driven by the owners themselves and would any day prefer to have a quick car wash, rather than leaving the car the whole day at service station.

The Car Wash industry has grown from as simple as hand wash to sophisticated high impact pressure jet wash technology. Owning and running a car wash these days, is not mere business but, its one of the most lucrative and profitable business.

Although it is an unorganized sector till date, a new and organized way of car washing can create the difference. At liv India, plethora of research on the car care and maintenance was done and this entire concept was summed up. The aim is to deliver best of services and bring in new concept to the car market. Like other countries like US, Italy, Germany and UK where professional car wash has a very significant role to play, India is also not far flung in the race.

Why Automobile Franchise Business is best:

  • Great Booster for existing business.
  • Do not wait for customers to visit outlet, take bookings and deliver doorstep at his comfort.
  • No Infrastructure setup required.
  • No monthly rentals.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Less manpower required.
  • Less Investment/Quick ROI
  • Awarded Business Model