Entrepreneurs of India

Entrepreneurs of India (EOI) is a social-economic drive of Liv India Group Pvt. Ltd. to create & Nurture business opportunities for New comers, Existing businesses, Franchisee as well as Franchisers, Students, even any young mind who is willing to participate in this drive country wide. Liv India Group is a team of business leaders, mentors, financial planners; Fire Motivators who make you reach to your own sky.

Why Entrepreneurs Of India

As EOI works on the method of ground realities as well as real time economy forecast to make you power player in your business, our experience of excellence create a common platform for you so that you can share as well as reach your destination with Passion & perfection. It gives you –

  • Freedom of expression for your business goal.
  • Energy & power to become knowledgeable.
  • Dedication for any your venture.
  • Ideas and Knowledge from market leaders.