Neaten India

Stamina Steamers is an industry-leading supplier of commercial and industrial Steam cleaning products for mobile or in-house applications. We operate a lean company with a global reach, making an environmentally-positive impact on local communities and around the world. Our mission is to provide our customers with eco-friendly, cost-effective cleaning solutions, providing cleaning solutions with no chemicals and no hassles.

Our products range from the full line of Stamina Steamers the industry leader of steam vapor machines to hot water extractors, microfiber towels and a full offering of accessories developed for broad cleaning solutions and unique day to day industrial applications. All of our stamina steamers products are carefully selected from the most respected, reliable manufacturers, developed to meet the highest standards in the industry. We work closely and directly with our manufacturers and customers to insure we’re providing the highest quality environmental friendly system and best customer services.

Our team is committed to delivering excellent service and support. We believe in creating win-win situations and we put our emphasis on our customers’ needs and success. We believe our diverse backgrounds and focus on people is a key to the customer satisfaction and sustainable business growth. We, as a “Eco-Friendly” manufacturer, take pride in producing high-quality products, No.1 customer satisfaction and our commitment to preserve the environment. We believe that our products will benefit your business and the environment.